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Pc is made of several components, those work with each other to process and compile data. Lets learn more of it!

Why choose Intel CPU?

Today, Intel and AMD processors dominate the CPU market. Obviously, the range of options is very wide, and determining which brand is the best is a really hard task. Depending on what you are looking for, as well as your budget, you should opt for some processor models more than others. However, although it isContinue reading “Why choose Intel CPU?”

10th Generation Intel Core Processors: What’s changed?

On April 30, 2020, after months of teasing their arrival, Intel finally launched its flagship 10th Generation Intel Core processors. Called as Comet Lake-S, the lineup is touted as the world’s fastest gaming processors. In this article, we will discuss the new features and improvements that have been introduced with this addition to the super-amazingContinue reading “10th Generation Intel Core Processors: What’s changed?”

Processor King of Gaming!

In the year 2018 Intel marked its 50th anniversary. What was meant to be an achievement at the time was overshadowed by a few setbacks. At the time, Intel was faced with the challenges of struggling spectra and meltdown, an outgoing CEO, in addition to the loss of confidence from Mac OS. However, the shortcomingsContinue reading “Processor King of Gaming!”

Serious budget AMD motherboard in $100!

The motherboard is an electronic printed circuit board that will guide all parts of the computer. It contains a set of control chips that are able to control the memory, bus, disk, input-output operations. It houses key computer system components such as processor, control circuits, controllers and expansion connectors. All internal and external computer componentsContinue reading “Serious budget AMD motherboard in $100!”


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